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TKY introduction classes:Get an embodied feeling of what to expect and what this practice can offer in your life. Full guided TKY sessions at beginners level.

TKY level 1:Foundation of Tantra, theory and exercises, individual and in groups, connect with self.

TKY level 2: Embodiment of practices in groups, connect with others energetically.

TKY level 3: Advanced sessions, go deeper within, connect beyond you and other.

The classes are open for everyone and do not require any prior experience – you only have to be open, curious and ready to potential new experiencing.

You are welcome to drop in at all sessions, but Level 3 requires that you have been to at least 4 sessions before ♥

~~~~~ History of ATKY ~~~~~

Tantra Kriya Yoga is a powerful but still quite unknown tool to move stale energies (be it thoughts, emotions, or more subtle energies) and removes blockages which can be lingering in the body

Tantra Kriya Yoga is older than 5000 BC and said to have had the most influence on the birth and growth of yoga and other mystical practices. Similar techniques are now being used in the Western world because of its effectiveness on both the physical and psychological level.

~~~~~ Elements of ATKY ~~~~~

1. Yoga in a dynamic collaborative form, – couples, trios, or circles – to heighten the energy and mirror each other making it a therapeutic intervention as well. This is not your usual yoga lesson! Sacred locks will be used throughout the class, shown to be beneficial for both men and women.

2. Meditation techniques, for example, pranic meditation, focusing on the life force there is in every breath. The techniques will calm the mind and bring awareness to the present moment.

3. Ritualism by using sacred acts from ancient times to heighten awareness and making it a sacred space.

4. Breathwork by using powerful and rare pranayama techniques, for example, Conscious Breath, Chakra Based Breathing, Clavicular Breathing.

5. Sacred Sexuality: there will not be any sexual content in the sessions. The tools provided can help you to transform sexual energies from earthly pleasures and their often conflicting consequences into heightened awareness and blissful states

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~~~~~ The host ~~~~~

My name is Mikkel and I’m trained as ATKY facilitator by Anand Rudra (Mexican Shaman and tantrika). I’ve been practicing different forms of yoga (especially hatha) and has attended workshops in massage therapies, breathwork, tantra, de-armoring, sharing circles and participated in many silent retreats with meditation and satsang.

During daytimes, I work as a Medical Doctor in the field of Clinical Sexology with a focus on different evidence-based psychotherapies. I’m a research facilitator and work with the body-mind connection, mindfulness, breathwork, sensate focus and pelvic floor exercises among others.

My strongest calling is to look within, dissolving into True being. I’m amazed by the depth and intricacies of human experience and believe that each of us has the potential for deeper connections with our Self and others. You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions.