ATKY uses meditative techniques, well aware that true meditation is a natural phenomena. The practice can give a taste of a different reality, a new way of being, but it is not the ultimate. We invite you to look within while you read these words of wisdom below.

Questioner: What is meditation to you? Many different kinds of meditation are practised. Many of them rely on looking at phenomena such as watching the breath, or seeing thoughts rise and fall.

Papaji: You are not speaking of meditation, you are speaking of concentration. Meditation only takes place when you are not concentrating on any object. If you can manage not to bring any object of the past into the mind, that is called meditation. Do not use your mind — that is called meditation. If you use your mind to meditate, it is not meditation, it is concentration. The mind can only cling to some object that belongs to the past. Have you been told to meditate without the aid of the mind?

From: Who are you? By Jeff Greenwald