Mikkel is educated as ATKY facilitator by Anand Rudra. He is practicing different forms of yoga (especially hatha) and has attended workshops in massage therapies, breathwork, tantra, de-armoring, sharing circles and participated in many silent retreats with meditation and satsang. During daytimes, Mikkel works as a Medical Doctor in the field of Clinical Sexology with a focus on different evidence-based psychotherapies. He is also a research facilitator and works with the body-mind connection, mindfulness, breathwork, sensate focus and pelvic floor exercises among others. He has a strong interest in the depth and intricacies of human experience, believing that each of us has the potential for deeper connections with our Self and others.

Being a teacher is a form of desire, a lightning flash. Can you ride to Wahksh, far up the Oxus River, on a streak of lightening? Lightening is not guidance. Lightening simply tells the clouds to weep. Cry a little. The streak-lightening of our minds comes so that we’ll weep and long for our real lives.