Sacred Sexuality

In our ATKY sessions there will not be any sexual content. The tools provided can help in transforming sexual energies from earthly pleasures and their often conflicting consequences into heightened awareness and blissful states.


Tantra says that in a deep sex act you can meditate more easily than in any other state of mind – because this is a natural, biological ecstasy. But whatsoever is known by the sex act is in a very perverted form. So whenever such things are said you feel uneasy, because whatsoever you have known in the name of sex is not sex. It is just a shadow, because the whole society has cultivated your mind against sex.

Everyone is a suppressed person, so natural sex is impossible. And whenever you are in a sex act, a deep guilt feeling is always present there. That guilt feeling becomes a barrier, and one of the greatest opportunities is lost. You could have used it to go deep down into yourself.

Tantra says, in the sex act be meditative. Feel the whole phenomenon as holy; do not feel guilty. Rather, feel blessed that nature has given you one source through which you can go deep into ecstasy immediately. And then, be totally free in it. Do not repress; do not resist. Let the sexual communion take hold of you. Forget yourself; throw all your inhibitions. Be absolutely natural, and then you will feel a deep music in the body.

When both bodies become one harmony, then you will forget completely that you are – and still, you will be. Then you will forget the “I”: there will be no “I,” just existence playing with existence, one being with another. And the two will become one. There will be no thinking; future will cease and you will be in the present this very moment. Without any guilt, without any inhibition, make it a meditation, and then sex is transformed. Then sex itself becomes a door.

If sex becomes a door, by and by sex ceases to be sexual. And a moment comes when sex has gone – only the perfume has remained. That perfume is love. And later on, even that perfume disappears, and then that which remains is samadhi.

Tantra says nothing has to be taken as an enemy. Every energy is friendly; one has just to know how to use it. So do not make any choice. Transform your love into meditation and transform your meditation into love. Then soon you will forget the word and you will know the real thing, which is not the word. The word love is not love, and the word meditation is not meditation, and the word God is not God. These are only words. And if you can penetrate in, then God, meditation, love; they all become one.