Tantra is older than 5000 BC and said to have had the most influence on the birth and growth of yoga and other mystical practices. Similar techniques as the ones being used i Tantra Kriya Yoga has emerged in the Western world because of its effectiveness on both the physical and psychological level. Many people think that tantra is merely sexual practices, but in ATKY you’ll learn that this is far from the truth.

You are not a drop in the ocean. 

You are the entire ocean in a drop

~ Rumi ~

Tantra is not a religion

Tantra is not a religion, because religion basically means: for the divine against the animal – so every religion is part of the conflict. Tantra is not a struggle technique, it is a transcendence technique. It is not to fight with the animal, it is not for the divine. It is against all duality. It is neither for nor against really. It is simply creating a third force within you, a third center of existence where you are neither animal nor divine. For Tantra that third point is advait, that third point is non-duality. Tantra says you cannot reach the one by fighting through duality. You cannot come to a non-dual point by choosing one thing in the struggle in duality. Choice will not lead you to the one; only a choiceless witnessing.  “This is very foundational to Tantra, and because of this Tantra was never really understood rightly. It has suffered a long, a centuries-old misunderstanding, because the momentTantra says it is not against the animal, you start feeling as if Tantra is for the animal. And the moment Tantra says it is not for the divine, you then start thinking that Tantra is against the divine. Really, Tantra is for a choiceless witnessing. Don’t be with the animal, don’t be with the divine, and don’t create a conflict. Just go back, just go away, just create a gap between you and this duality and become a third force, a witnessing, from where you can see both the animal and the divine.

~ Osho

From: https://www.osho.com