In ATKY we use yoga in a dynamic collaborative form, – couples, trios or circles – to heighten the energy and mirror each other making it a therapeutic intervention as well. This is not your usual yoga lesson! Sacred locks will be used throughout the sessions, shown to be beneficial for both men and women. As explained beautifully below, we are aware these practices are merely a spark in the universe, but we enjoy this spark immensely and hope it one day will ignite our whole being.


Questioner: Sir, if I may say so, you have the way of the yogi, you look like a yogi, your body takes the pose of a yogi. You have been doing asanas,pranayama, every day for so many years. Why?

Krishnamurti: That is not important. It is like keeping my nails clean. I am saying the other is so childish; spending years in perfecting the instrument. All that you have to do is “to look”

Questioner: Even you would admit that correct posture and right breathing strengthen the structure of the mind.

Krishnamurti: I want to approach all this quite differently. In approaching it entirely differently, it is necessary to throw out all that has been said. I see the corner is like a candle in sunshine. The candle is being lit very carefully in brilliant sunshine. You are not concerned with sunshine, but work away at lighting the candle.

Krishnamurti: See how thought plays tricks upon itself – I must have balance, I must have the right posture in order that the life energy flows through. Right? I say thought is of the past. Thought can create the most marvellous instrument – it can go to the moon, to Venus; but thought can never possibly touch “the other” because thought is never free, thought is old, thought is conditioned. Thought is the whole structure of the known.

Questioner: What do you mean by “the other”?

Krishnamurti: That is not it.

Questioner: That is not what?

Krishnamurti: This is within the field of time; thought which is time. That is within the field of silence. Therefore find out if sorrow can end. Come out of the corner. Find out what life is, what death means, what it means to end sorrow. If you have not come upon this, playing tricks upon thought has no meaning. You can awaken all the kundalinis, but to what purpose?

Therefore a man teaching how to awaken the kundalinis or making man proficient in archery in the Zen way or in the practice of the various forms of Tantra are all within the bondage of time, which is thought. I see that and I see that it is going round in circles. The circle may be higher but it is still a circle, a bondage, which is time. So I would not touch it. I would not touch it because I see the nature, structure and order of this corner.

~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

The corner has no meaning to me.

When there is the marvellous sun,

all the siddhis and powers are

like many candles.